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Rules of domain rental

Terms of domain rental

This document details the terms of renting domains on Dropped.pl.

Transfer of rights

The seller agrees to transfer the rights to the domain name to the website owner during the rental period.

If the rental terms specify that the domain is transferred to the buyer after the rental period, by accepting the transaction the buyer agrees to having the domain rights transferred to him after the rental period.

Prohibited usage

Without the seller explicit consent, it is forbidden to use the rented domain for the following purposes:

  • Posting erotic or pornographic content on domains with names not explicitly implying erotic nature.
  • Posting content that infringes upon third party copyright.
  • Posting content that is offensive, defamatory or otherwise prohibited by law.
  • Sending unsolicited messages (spam).
  • Spamming search engines and black hat SEO techniques.

In case of any dispute with regard to usage of the domain, the Dropped.pl owner has the final right to decide whether these terms have been breached.

Payment deadlines

Payment for a rented domain must be made within the following deadlines:

  • 4 days when the rental terms specify weekly payments.
  • 7 days when the rental terms specify monthly payments.

Rental cancellation

The seller is entitled to cancel the rental transaction in case of breaching these rules by the buyer.

In case of non-payment for the domain, the seller can decide whether the payment deadline is reinstated or the rental is canceled. In such case, rental can be canceled no sooner than 3 days after payment deadlines, in order to facilitate possible payment complaints from the buyer.

If the seller does not make any decision in case of domain non-payment, the rental transaction will be automatically closed after 14 days of payment deadline.